Sunday, October 22, 2017

Teach Your Students To Stay Safe Online With This Story and Song!

This just made my day!  

Last week while presenting with my dear friend Lynn Kleinmeyer at the ITEC Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, I gave her my new book Staying Safe Online.  

I thought it was perfect to share on Digital Citizenship Week.  I just love that her daughter thought so too!  
I love this story and song too!

Staying Safe Online teaches our youngest learners all about the online world and what they need to know to stay safe online and be productive, engaging digital citizens.   
Not only will they learn along with the adorable animal characters created by illustrator Kathryn Durst, they will sing along with Emily Arrow, who wrote and sang the music for Staying Safe Online and the other three books in this series, 

Click above to listen to Staying Safe Online...

I just love how Emily took this story and made it into such a sweet and catchy tune for all of our young learners to sing as they learn how to stay safe online and practice their digital citizen skills.   

I know you will love it too!  
As you are singing along with your students, you will find the music.... 
...and lyrics in the back of the book and on the Cantata Learning site. 
You can also scan the QR codes, which is on the back of the book and inside the book, can be scanned to go to the music....
...on the Cantata Learning site too.  

The music can be streamed, download and there is even an instrumental version of Staying Safe Online too. 

You will find Staying Safe Online here
Staying Safe Online is perfect to use when teaching your students simple digital citizenship skills and as you kick off another year.  
Here is a lesson plan for this book and the entire Library Skills series. 

I hope you love reading and singing it just as much as I do.  
You will find it on the Capstone site here.  It is available as an eBook in Capstone Interactive too.  

Over 10 New Stories, Songs and Resources For #GlobalMakerDay On October 24 & Making All Year Long!

There is something exciting to celebrate this week that is focused around making, creating and coming together with others from around the world. 
It is called #GlobalMakerDay and will be held on October 24 virtually on YouTube Live (live Google Hangout).
Throughout the day from 11am to 6pm EST, there will be 30 minute sessions highlighting maker topics with amazing educators.  
And the super fun part....each session will include a maker challenge for your students to participate in as they solve problems through creativity and play. 

You will find these above and....
 ...on this official #GlobalMakerDay Buncee.   

If you click above or here, you will be able to see the entire schedule and details of the day too. 

Oh....and just like the robot says, Tweet your pictures and videos of what is happening in your library and classroom throughout the day to #GlobalMakerDay. 

As we prepare for #GlobalMakerDay, I have a few NEW songs, books and resources perfect for tying into this day and all year long into your making within the library, school community and homes of your students too.  
The first is the Sing and Draw Series from Cantata Learning.  These books are so fun because they take readers through the simple steps of drawing while singing along.

As the Cantata Learning site states,

Emily Arrow lends her talents to author Blake Hoena's creative creatures in this unique series that signs readers through the simple steps of drawing. Favorite topics such as animals and aliens are covered. Basic letters and shapes start each drawing. Fun flair is added in each final piece. Budding artists and musicians will love this series that brings a Makerspace favorite to life!
You will find these on the Cantata Learning's YouTube Channel to tie into your #GlobalMakerDay on October 24...
and you will find them in print or eBook format from Capstone here.
I helped create the Sing and Draw! Lesson Plan too.  It is located on the Cantata Learning under Resources here.
I also love how What Hands Can Do! A Song About Friendship mentions working together and being creative.  

This will lead to a wonderful conversation with your students while working together in Makerspaces and creative experiences too.  You can find this Cantata Learning story and song here

Our friends at Capstone also added several new articles to PebbleGo last week that are focused on art methods.  
 In the PebbleGo Science datebase,
 you will find Methods of Making Art which includes....
 eight new articles focusing on art and a meaningful and important tie in for our Makerspaces and #GlobalMakerDay.
As all articles in the PebbleGo databases, they contain several topics located under tabs within the individual article.
 The articles also contain videos which children love as they are researching the databases too.
Children can also research various artists in PebbleGo Biographies.  
I brought together these resources and a few more things, like the Makerspace! Makerspace! Makerspace! Collection, in a brand new #GlobalMakerDay Collection that you can visit and use too.
I included the Virtual Vendor Hall participants, Bloxels, CoSpaces, Easy Blog and World of Making,  in the #GlobalMaker Day Collection. 
And a big list of Makerspace books in the #GlobalMakerDay Titlewave List that are perfect for the day....and all year long for our makers.  
Of course I also added all of the fun Cantata Learning stories and songs I mentioned earlier, along with a link for PebbleGo, too! 

Thank you to the amazing group of educators and friends who put so much time and love in this wonderful event.  

I can't wait for #GlobalMakerDay and I hope all of you sign up to participate and join in too. 

Have You Seen The Burger King Ad, Bullying Jr? And Other Resources for Bullying Prevention Month Too.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  

This is such an important month and one that brings us resources, information and awareness today and throughout the year.  

I have several things I have been thinking about and gathering up this month which have been helpful and powerful for me.  I want to share these with you too.  

First, Burger King has created a powerful new campaign called Burger King...Bullying Jr.  

Please make sure you share this with everyone! Your teachers, students, peers, families and those around you in your own home too.  We have watched this a few times together as a family this week. 

As they state with the video, 
In the BURGER KING® brand Bullying Jr. experiment, more people stood up for a bullied WHOPPER JR.® than a bullied high school Jr. Visit to learn how you can take a stand against bullying.
Second, a few years ago I had the honor of speaking with five young people at the Iowa Governor's Bullying Prevention Convention in Des Moines, Iowa.  It was one of the most amazing experiences and one that will stay with me forever. 
You can watch this video here.  
And third, I brought together these resources and others for librarians, teachers and students in the National Bullying Prevention Awesome Resources Collection by Destiny.  

You will find this public Collection here.  Please feel free to use and share this too. 
There is nothing more important than teaching our young people kindness, respect and love.  

Please take a moment or two to share these resources and embrace these thoughts this month too. 

It will make a difference.